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Welcome to the Ohio Valley Wing website! You're invited to click on the phrases above and below to learn more about us. Did you know that we are a unit of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), dedicated to preserve in flying condition aircraft flown by all US service branches in World War II? The CAF has several one-of-a-kind aircraft that remain airworthy. Click on JOIN US! and check the several levels of membership available. The CAF includes aviation history, respectful tribute to those who built and flew WW II aircraft in defense of the USA, AND flying. But no need to be pilot-most CAF members aren't-just a solid interest in our objectives and some time to support our activities.

The photo to the right is the plane assigned to the OVW; click on THE PLANE WE CHERISH and learn more. A dedicated group of Ohio Valley Wing members invested their time and money to restore the aircraft. Each summer it visits several airshows around the Midwest. COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU is a calendar about the appearances of the OVW plane and other CAF aircraft.

New from the Ohio Valley Wing: our plane is available for air show appearances and flights. Carin' Belle is a true warbird and ready for static display, air show flying demonstrations, or for flights. Click on AIRCRAFT VISITS and learn more. For any questions, contact

Ride the Carin Belle
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